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Welcome to FreeBillOfSale.ORG. We Currently offer a free printable Vehicle, Watercraft, and General bill of sale form. To begin follow the steps below.

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Automotive bill of sale - For the sale of any vehicle, e.g - Car, Motorcycle, ATV, Trailer, Dirtbike, etc
Watercraft bill of sale - For the sale of any watercraft, e.g - Saleboat, Speedboat, Jet Ski, etc
General bill of sale - For the sale of anything of personal property, e.g - Desk, Picture Frame, Hand Tools, etc

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What is a bill of sale and why do we need one? A bill of sale is defined as a legal document made by the seller to a purchaser, reporting that on a specific date at a specific locality and for a particular sum of money or other value received, the seller sold to a purchaser a specific item of personal property, or parcel or real property of which he had lawful possession. It is the one piece of paper that shows the item is not stolen and is rightfully yours and you bought it fair and square. It is also a voluntary transfer of something to someone.

The bill of sale is used to determine the sales tax to be paid on an item. If the item was an automobile and was being registered at the department of motor vehicles then when you apply for your license tags you would also be paying the sales tax. Once the item is registered with the department of motor vehicles paperwork is forwarded to the county and a bill is forwarded to the new owner to pay annual personal property tax.

One convenience the internet offers is the availability of printing a generic bill of sale. You no longer have to go to the department of motor vehicles to pick one up. You can simply download one. The form usually requires identifying information unique to the item that you have just purchased and even has lines for the signatures of all parties involved with the purchase. It is a piece of paper that shows you as the rightful owner of the item and that you can do with it as you please even if it means turning right around and selling it to another person.

When completing a bill of sale you will be writing information unique to the item and that may mean the make and model if it is an automobile or motorcycle. The vehicle identification number if it is an automobile or motorcycle and the amount paid for the item. This along with the blue book will determine the amount of sales tax to be collected at the department of motor vehicles. The reason they use both is so they do not receive a bill of sale saying you only paid five dollars for the item when it is worth five hundred dollars.

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