Delaware Bill of Sale: What You Need to Know

The Delaware bill of sale summarizes the agreement that has been made by the buyer and the seller of the car. In Delaware, there is no specific bill of sale. However, the DMV will need the Sellers Report of Sale, which can be found online. A seller in this state has a lot more on their plate after they fill the bill as the title must be assigned to the new owner of the car. Any debts that are pending need to be cleared first. The plates need to be returned unless they intend to use them on their new vehicle.

For the buyer, the bill of sale marks the beginning of the transactions that they will be carrying out in the DMV. S/he needs to keep it close with the other documents, such as the registration, title and inspection documents. It is important they read what they sign as this document is binding and includes:

  • A description of the car, including make and model
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Name of the seller and address
  • Name of the buyer and address
  • Date of transaction

In addition, this bill should have information about any warranty. One could be getting it from the dealer, although in private sales, there will be none. The sale price of the vehicle that they agreed upon should be indicated in the bill and if there are charges, such as repairs or inspections, the buyer needs to take some time to comprehend them all. This is a contract and once they sign it they are bound to what it says. Under the Lemon Law, the people of Delaware have the right for the new vehicles and it is important to have a witness review it before they sign.

Even without the signature of the witness, the Delaware bill of sale is still binding. For the seller, the witness will help protect them from the buyer who may break the agreement. The buyer cannot drive off with their purchase without having it registered and insured. However, the car will have first have to pass the emission and inspection check before the title can be transferred to the buyer. In the meantime, they can obtain a temporary license from the DMV. They will be charged a $10 fee and it will be valid just for 30 days. In this case, to apply, they will need the bill of sale, proof of identity and insurance. The bill of sale will be useful when they need the car to be financed and a lender will use it to determine the amount they will offer. All the warranties that the buyer is entitled to will be proven by the Delaware bill of sale. They need to ensure they have a copy made as it is a vital document. The form can be obtained from the Delaware DMV or downloaded online. Whatever the case, they should ensure that they have this document before any deal is sealed.