Beyond Vehicle Inspections

What do most people do when they go buy a used car? They do a once over on the paint to check for dings and scratches or any other major cosmetic defects. They take it for a test drive to see if they hear of feel anything mechanically wrong. Some people even bring their cars to their personal mechanic in hopes that they will find something that they themselves may have missed. There are so many precautions you can take, but many people will miss the most important step in checking into their cars past; a Vehicle History Report. You can do all sorts of tests on the car you’re interested in, but only a Vehicle History Report will be able to tell you the true story of the vehicle. What if the car has been in an accident but you weren’t able to see any of that damage on your once over, a Vehicle History Report can tell you these things. What if the car was a previous salvage? Sometimes even a title will not tell you that it’s a previous salvaged. Or what if the car used to be an old government vehicle for the DEA? Would you be comfortable with that? What if the car was set ablaze, but the interior has been replaced and everything that “you can see” was taken care of to look new. There are so many inspections that you can do, but you will never know the true history of your vehicle until you take that one extra and final step to order a Vehicle History Report.