Car Title Histories

Car title History? Yea you need one. This is the most important purchase of your used car. A Vehicle History Report will reveal all the problems that you wouldn’t have seen by just checking the car over yourself, or even your most trust mechanic. There is nothing wrong with selling a salvaged vehicle, or a car that has been repaired, however most sellers simply won’t tell you this information. The problems come after you purchase the vehicle without a car title check, and when the owner hasn’t notified you of the previous condition. Most dealers are shady, especially the small ones on the corner of that run-down neighborhood that has “a great deal” on a used car. Where can I get a car title check? You may request one from the dealer you are buying from, or you may run the report online yourself. All you need is the VIN number of that vehicle (and double check it), because you don’t want to enter that number twice, its long! Make sure to look at the car title check twice, you don’t want to miss anything!