Dont waste money on Dealership warranties

Dealerships will always try and upsell you and try to get you to purchase a new car warranty or a used car warranty depending on if you’re purchasing a new car or used car. Of course the dealership will do anything and say anything to make the sale because it means more profits for them. It may seem that what they are offering is to your benefit and a streamlined process since you’re already at the dealership. Logic suggests that you should just purchase the warranty from the dealership that you are purchasing your car from, right? Wrong! You’ll be paying entirely too much money for a product that is subpar. The dealership and perhaps even the bank/credit union that is supplying your loan will try to add an extended car warranty or a used car warranty to your paperwork, so keep a sharp eye for the extra verbage! Don’t make the mistake and purchase a subpar product, do your research and take time to compare companies and you will find that has the best price and the best product for you.